AI-driven insurance expertise with specialized climate risk solutions


WAIV Insures your world with a real impact on climate.

Combining insurance expertise with Artificial intelligence-driven climate risk modeling.

What We Do

We provide AI-driven insurance products customized for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Our products are designed with the latest innovations offering personalized on-demand solutions.

Our risk models incorporate climate-related risk into the pricing, investment and capital modeling.

Artificial Intelligence | Risk Analytics | Predictive Modeling

How it Works?

  1. Assess your risk

Auto fill few details and get your risk assessment done smoothly with easy and hassle-free sign-up process.

2. Select Coverages

Choose the level of coverage required from the multiple options advised by our digital-savvy Underwriters.

3. Get Quotes & Policy in minutes

Within minutes, quotes are generated & policy is issued to your inbox. Access it on anywhere, anytime.

Why us?

AI Analytics Solutions

WAIV's business model combines AI-powered analytics with human expertise to provide meaningful insights into data-driven predictions.

Cyber Risk Analytics

AI-enabled modeling tools leverage online data to better understand your cyber risk exposures and improve cyber security for firms of all sizes.

Smarter Underwriting

Our AI-enabled underwriting tools allow you to directly get quotes from system that churns all types of data including weather data.

Predictive Modeling

WAIV's expert designed predictive models enable customized pricing for each customer and are continuously updated for trends and innovations.

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