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Coverage Details

What is Covered?

First-Party Coverages:

  • Business Interruption

  • Contingent Business Interruption

  • Digital Asset Destruction, Data Retrieval, and System Restoration

  • System Failure

  • Cyber Extortion and Ransomware

  • Breach Response & Remediation Expenses

  • Social Engineering & Cyber Crime

  • Reputational Loss

Third-Party Coverages:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability

  • Regulatory Investigations, Fines, and Penalties

  • Media Liability

  • PCI DSS Assessment Expenses

  • Breach Management Expenses

Who is it for?

A small-medium business that uses the internet on devices to:

  • Store sensitive customer data

    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    • Protected Health Information (PHI)

    • Payment Card Information (PCI)

    • Username and Passwords

    • Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Mostly conduct business operations on computers

  • Use point of sale software SAAS

  • DIGITAL presence: websites blogs social media

Extensions (Optional)

  • Bricking Coverage

  • Invoice Manipulation

  • Forensic Accounting Coverage

  • Bodily Injury

  • Criminal Reward Coverage

  • Preventative Shutdown

Industries Covered for Commercial Cyber


Healthcare and Social Assistance



Educational Services and Classifications

Retail & Wholesale Trade

Accommodation and Food Services

Transportation and Warehousing

Management of Companies and Enterprises

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

Administrative & Support & Waste Management and Remediation Services

WAIV's Cover Highlights

Cloud -based technology to automate and simplify storage.

Smart Cover that can be adopted to current and future needs of business.

AI-based decision making that enables optimized solutions for businesses.

Data Analytics for a razor-sharp focus on better risk management.

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